25 April 2013

Have you heard of......

A quick test to start this week!  Have you heard of the Mansfield Building Society?  What about the Saffron, Manchester, Buckinghamshire, Furness, Shepshed, or the Stafford Railway Building Society?  Not necessarily household names, but not ones to be ignored either.  We are seeing these names and a lot more like them launching innovative products.  Not necessarily looking for huge volumes, but looking to fill gaps in the market and this should be applauded. 

One such lender has an option available to those in retirement and above the age of 65. They’ve realised there’s a huge gap (unless it’s an equity release mortgage required) and have launched a variable rate mortgage product specifically designed to assist this type of consumer. This can be on an interest only basis and up to any age.  Income must be provable, whether this is from pensions, investments, rental income, even earned income or off-spring support and must fit the lenders affordability criteria.  A max of 50% of the property value can be advanced and there are only redemption penalties in the first year.  This makes it reasonably flexible and an ideal solution for when the normal mortgage is coming to an end and the existing lender has requested their funds are repaid.  Remember, this is a standard mortgage and not a lifetime/equity release type solution.

What this all demonstrates is that there is an appetite to lend in a still very tough market.  However, many consumers are turning to the internet as it’s such a superb tool.  But it can also be a disadvantage as so much information, news, product and detail can make it more confusing than planned.  A good ‘old fashioned’ face to face conversation with your local specialist independent mortgage brokerage might be the answer. They will, in most cases, have a relationship with the lenders (even those you’ve never heard of!), understand their requirements and ensure all the correct information is submitted from day one.  There really is no better time to utilise the expertise and staffing levels they can provide for you in what’s becoming an over informed and more recently, highly competitive market place.

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