27 August 2015

69% of all mortgages written by advisers!

The importance of mortgage advice has never been greater and it is an interesting fact that, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders, 69% of all mortgages were written through professional advisers during the second quarter of the year. This is a substantial uplift on previous quarters and there are probably a number of reasons for this including long delays we are advised are happening with some lenders both in interview availability and processing times. 

The professional mortgage adviser reviews the whole market for you and can identify the best lending options and then deal directly with the lenders central processing units, speeding up the process from application to offer. That said, even in this area we know of at least one lender that is eleven days behind on post or electronic updates. A good adviser will listen to your specific needs and timescales and ensure that they line you up with a lender who will match both. So, if speed is crucial then you may need to consider working with a lender where the rate may not be the keenest on the market but where you get what you want. Your adviser will discuss this in detail with you before you make any decision.

On a different subject, a number of mortgage lenders are looking ruefully at their performance against target for the current calendar year and casting sideways glances at their competitors. At the start of the year, no one was really sure what the effect of the 2014 Mortgage Market Review would have. A number of lenders are, allegedly, well below target and we will probably see a price war in the next few months as they look to gain ground before the year end

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