13 September 2018

We are probably looking at a tough few months ahead, across all markets and sectors.

Despite Sainsburys Bank, Bluestone, Hinckley and Rugby Building Society, Kensington Mortgages and Secure Trust Bank all reducing rates on their mortgage products last week, things are still ‘interesting’ out there.

We have seen numerous retail outlets and banks recently confirm they will reduce their store or branch numbers as the ‘online v shop front’ takes another hit.   Wonga collapsed, and we’ve seen Countrywide, the UKs biggest estate agent, raising £140m in emergency cash.

As we move in to the final third of the year, I’d say we are probably looking at a tough few months ahead, across all markets and sectors. 

On the plus side, it is encouraging lenders to become more innovative and think about more innovative ways to attract new business. 

Magellan Homeloans has entered the Buy to Let sector with offerings for portfolio landlords, as well as limited company and refurbishment options.  However, the really interesting piece is that they will allow first time landlords to purchase a buy to let, with a professional landlord acting as a guarantor.  This includes Houses of Multiple Occupations and Multi-Units.  We all need advice when it comes to property, so this is a positive move.

Kensington have also launched a 5% deposit product that caters for individuals who may have had a credit blip in the past.  Their rates start from 4.64% for a two year deal and allows defaults over 36 months old and two missed payments to unsecured credit in the last 12 months.  Terms and conditions obviously apply, so seek advice!

With rates so low we have also seen a vast increase in customers looking to consolidate debt and add these to their current mortgage. This can sometimes cause issues. If you consolidate unsecured finance in to your mortgage, whilst your monthly payments may be lower, you may be paying more for your debt over a longer term. 

At AToM, we are independent, and we will happily go through the pros and cons of changing any of your financial details before proceeding to conduct any credit searches or decision in principles. You need to be clear that it’s the right deal for you. If your current deal is still the best option for you, we will suggest you stay where you are.

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