14 December 2009

AToM launch 'Complex Prime'

Despite the decade drawing to a close, there is still time to look at a new mortgage! Many lenders offer ‘product transfers’ or ‘retention products’ to existing customers. These are not generally advertised to the general public or offered unless you ask for them. If your current incentive rate has come to an end and you have been transferred to the lenders standard variable rate, you will often have the option to choose a new product from an internal range available to existing clients. Some lenders have a good range of retention products. Others, particularly in the current climate, may not and expect that you will simply pay the new rate or move lenders. When moving lender, you release the original funds back to the current lender to advance to someone else, probably on a higher rate of interest and with an attractive new arrangement fee. Basically, some will make more money if you switch lenders, than if you remain on their books! Most retention products can be arranged within a matter of days. Speak to an independent mortgage brokerage to see what’s available and see whether this is the right option for you.

I rarely promote AToM product offerings in my column. However, this week is an exception! With most lenders, a mortgage is initially agreed using a tick box computer system. If you tick all the boxes, you normally get offered a mortgage. However, if you are not on the voters roll: have too much credit: have too little credit: require something a little more complex…. you may find it difficult to get past the first hurdle. Don’t give up! AToM have launched ‘complex prime’ to cater for such examples. We have an arrangement with three lenders who will ‘manually’ underwrite your application and, if the deal fits, they will look ‘outside the box’ and lend. This is a superb alternative to the current “computer says no” mentality and is a positive step forward by the lenders we are working with. It is refreshing and harks back to the days of real underwriting! Call AToM now to find out more.

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