11 March 2011

Why use a Mortgage Broker?

There are many mortgage lenders actively looking to increase their volume business by offering superb products and rates, but there’s also some who have good PR companies who portray a positive lending attitude.

You would think in the current climates, with mortgage volumes reasonably low, that new applications submitted to lenders would fly through and come to a quick and easy completion. Unfortunately, in some cases, it’s not so.

These are the daily trials and tribulations of dealing with some major mortgage lenders who simply do not appear to want to lend.

We’ve heard many stories recently from customers who have initially gone direct to a high street lender, but then wished they had not! Should your application meet all the requirements and the lender has no further questions or requirements, then a mortgage offer should be quickly produced.

However, if, for whatever reason, a lenders underwriter decides to request one further bit of information, or needs additional clarification, then the fun begins.

You may receive a call or an automated email detailing additional requirements and once you’ve provided the information, you enter a service standard queue (usually 48 hours) and assuming of course that the information returned does not get lost and is directed to the right department! Should the lenders underwriter decide they are happy with the additional information, your application may proceed. But, the new information provided could provoke further questions or requirements, and so the cycle begins again!

They say buying a house is the second most stressful event in your life after having children. I’d say that it’s nearly on level par in the current market conditions.

What this all demonstrates is the value of dealing with a specialist independent mortgage brokerage as we will take this painful flack on your behalf. In most cases, we will have a relationship with the lender, understand their requirements and ensure all the correct information is submitted from day one. There really is no better time to utilise the expertise and staffing levels we can provide for you. Let us take the strain on your behalf to push the mortgage through to an early completion. And, if a lender does decline to proceed, we can quickly try to find an alternative lender to suit your requirements, with the minimal of fuss.

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