21 April 2011

It's good to talk!

We’ve been bombarded with visitors over the last few days as hoards of children embark on the Great Easter Bunny hunt, organised by the Rotary Club of Horsham. It’s wonderful to see so many people taking part and obviously its superb fun for the children as they are spoilt with chocolate, if they find the bunny and carrot! We’ve also had some great enquiries from those who have been dragged, I mean accompany, the children on their tour of the participating shops! This event has certainly been worthwhile for all involved and created a great community spirit.

The Buy to Let market has welcomed back an old name - Mortgage Trust has relaunched this week with some great mortgage rates and their products are only available via mortgage brokers/intermediaries. Mortgage Trust were a major player in the Buy to Let market some years ago and their new product range, some with free valuation and free legal costs, give the impression they want to achieve that status once again.

The “fix or track” debate goes on! With inflation down to 4%, many pundits are now predicting that the Bank of England base rate will not change for the remainder of the year. Therefore, a good low base rate tracker mortgage over a short term could be beneficial. However, there are also some great fixed rates on offer too. Who knows what is right and what is wrong!? Most agree that rates will increase. It’s a case of when and whether or not you are prepared to gamble your biggest monthly expenditure on a ‘could be this month’, ‘could be next month’ scenario. You will almost definitely find that by the time the Bank Base rate does start to rise, the cost of fixed rate monies will have already risen.

It’s good to talk, and we don’t charge for conversations! If you are worried out the cost of your mortgage or especially what would happen to your individual monthly payments should rates increase, please do come in and see us. On an average £100,000mortgage, a 1% interest rate rise could cost an extra £83 per month. AToM is totally independent and offers advice on mortgages for the whole market.

Wishing you and your families a very Happy Easter!

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