17 August 2017

When did you last review your current deal?

As we move deeper into the holiday period, I feel the need to be a pain and reiterate that whatever is spent on credit cards has to repaid! If, you are looking to review your mortgage in the next few months and load the credit card balance built up during the holiday period, remember that lenders will use the balance and offset against your income, before working out what you can borrow. That includes interest free credit cards, loans and also HP agreement and student loans. They are all taken in to account.

The holiday period can also be a time when many people do one of three things in the mortgage sector. Firstly, they start looking at new properties to move to. Or they may already be committed and are packing ready for the removal lorry, or they take time to review what mortgage they have and question if there is anything better out there. That is of course, if they are not simply taking a holiday, and why not?

Certainly, once the holiday is over, then it makes sense to review the current mortgage deal and see if there is a better option and perhaps look to secure a competitive rate for a few years. Whilst I always err on the optimistic side of a rates argument, we are entering a truly unknown era. We have never left the EEC before and so there is no history to prompt what the immediate and longer term implications will be. It may well be that we need to be prudent and a medium to long term fixed rate will allow the head to drop comfortably onto the pillow each night if rates do rise as a result of Brexit.

So take the chance to look and see if a re-mortgage to a fixed rate might benefit you. Actually, it is wise to consider this anyway as there are millions of people on lenders standard variable rates enjoying complete and deafening silence from their current mortgage lender. Why the silence? Simply because lenders are comfortable with you paying over the odds and expanding their margins! They are under no obligation to offer you a better deal when you come to the end of an incentive term and you automatically flip onto their variable rate. It is worth looking for a better deal and many lenders will welcome you with free valuation and legal initiatives and a difference of 1% can save you a substantial sum over few years.

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