15 October 2009

Properties selling over the asking price!?

09/10/09 - Confidence in the market continues with the Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Northern Rock reducing the interest rates on some fixed rate and tracker mortgages. Some of the tracker rates are sub 3% and well worth a look if you believe rates will not increased rapidly over the next couple of years. Other fixed rates, sub 4%, will suit those who require the comfort of knowing that their monthly mortgage costs are fixed for the period of the product. Whatever your requirement, it’s worth reviewing your circumstances and seeing what’s available in the market.

Lenders seem to be the focus of my articles more recently and in more of a positive stance! As we move in to the final quarter of 2009, and having had lengthy talks with many lenders over the last few weeks, I believe we will see more aggressive products during this period as lenders aim to finish the year on a high and with volume business. Watch this space!

As people remain content to stay on Lenders low standard variable rates, having finished fixed, discounted or tracker rates, it comes as no surprise that recent reports are suggesting mortgages for purchases are outstripping remortgage applications by 9-1! This shows that despite the current market climates, people are still moving properties and first time buyers, as I’ve mentioned before, are getting on to the property ladder.

In fact, more recently I’ve been informed of properties in the local surroundings not only having many more viewings than expected, but selling for way over the asking price! Superb news for sellers. However, although demand for properties is high, supply is still somewhat less and as a result, more people are bidding for the same property.

This is also confirmed by the recent Halifax house price index for September. The report suggests that the increased demand and lack of supply of properties had pushed up house prices by 1.6% for the month. The third consecutive monthly increase and fifth this year.

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